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Product Upgrades
Artist Footswitch (4-way) $495
Artist Footswitch (6-way) $649
Hand Tuning Option $299
Celestion Lead-80 Speaker $100
Half Power Switch $99
Custom Tolex/Grill Options
Heads $125
Combos $150
Speaker Cabinet $150
Faceplate Options
Faceplates are available in Black finish with a choice of black or crème knobs.
Height x Depth x Width (in inches)
Cabinet: 10.5" x 8" x 18"
112 Combo: 21" x 11" x 19"
Mini Combo: 17" x 11" x 19"
Fuchs® Audio Technology | Train Series

Train Series

The Train-II now brings the player, more of the high-end build quality and awesome tones people expect of Fuchs® products than ever before!

Undergoing an intense redesign in 2010, the new Train-II now adds features requested from players wanting higher gain, a master volume, a solo boost, and a punchy output stage to deliver it. The Train-II now features four 12AX7 preamp tubes driving a dual EL-34 fixed bias output stage in the 50-watt version and 4-EL-34s in the 100-W version. 100-W Versions have a half power switch standard. Unlike the original Train-45™ (still in production), the Train-II now has a fuller complement of two stages of gain controls, followed by an extremely flexible tone control stack. The power stage features an accent and thrust control allowing tailoring of both the high and low ranges of the power amp.

A surprising amount solid power is assured by oversized power and output transformers and filter choke, plus substantial power supply reserves and banked and bypassed filter caps on the power stage. This assures clean and fast transients and large dynamics.

Voiced like its siblings the Train-45™, Blackjack 21™-II, and the Lucky 7™-II the Train-II has a single channel with a tonal range that runs from Fender blackface through D-style right to a vintage Marshall™ or Trainwreck™ style amps. It provides a cutting rock edge, yet filled with harmonic richness and chime. The dual gain controls work to cover the spectrum from clean to high gain overdrive, while a single footswitch is now included, and turns the FX loop on and off to act as a lead boost, or to switch effects on and off remotely. The circuit design also is also "attenuator friendly".

The Train-II like the Lucky 7™-II and its higher powered sibling the Blackjack 21™ have preamp stages designed to allow clean-to-mean from the guitar volume control.

The chassis (like all Fuchs® products) is aircraft grade aluminum; our internal construction is mixed PC board and hard wired. On the Lucky 7™-II and Blackjack 21™-II, the preamp tubes and power supply circuitry are on the circuit card, while the power tubes and transformer are mounted on the chassis. A detachable power cord is standard. By using single point grounding, the amp is quiet and free of hum at all operating levels.


All Fuchs® products feature Eminence speakers as standard, unless otherwise stated. The following speakers are stocked and available at no up-charge: Red, White and Blues, Wizard, Delta-Pro, or Texas Heat. We also stock the WGS 1265, and Celestion 'Cream™back' which can also be supplied without up-charge. Speaker upgrades are available from other manufacturers such as Celestion, Tone-Tubby, EV, and Fane. Upcharges apply, and will be quoted upon request depending on the speaker type.

Train II 50
Note: This amp has custom tolex. Please contact us for pricing.

Train-45™ Features

Train-45™, Lucky 7™ and Blackjack 21™ are single channel non master style amps with a more rock and roll attitude than the Fuchs® ODS® and TDS® amps. This new series of amps offers that rock and roll tone and attitude in varying power levels. All models share a similar "in your face" attitude, at different power levels. The top-model in the series is the Train-45™ -- a traditional "wreck-style" amp that has both the EL-34 power and attitude to drag off to a gig and shake some people up. This amp is clean to mean from both the guitar volume control and your hands, a simple, short signal path for maximum speedy response and hand-to-speaker transfer, and just plain simple to "grab and go." The Train-45™ has the basic 3-gain stage circuit topology of the original Trainwreck Express but enhanced by a few modern touches.

Audiophile style circuit techniques bring out the best in any tube circuit. Guitar amps are no different. The Train-45™ starts with an audiophile style high voltage storage system. Instead of using single large capacitors, the Train-45™ has a group of smaller capacitors in a bank. By using a bank of these smaller capacitors ganged together to produce one large capacitance, you end up with a power supply that is both forceful yet agile. One that holds lots of energy for transients yet can respond quickly to each and every note.

The amp is laid out on a heavy fiberglass two-sided circuit board. The power and preamp tubes are off the board on premium grade sockets. Extremely wide and heavy traces were used to emulate a hard-wired amp. Andy Fuchs® made constant comparisons to both real Wrecks, many of the so-called Wreck-clones, and to his own hard-wired prototypes.

Like the high-end ODS® and TDS® Fuchs® amps it shares much of the same premium metal work including an aircraft grade aluminum chassis, and a cooling fan.

The Train-45™ features a unique train logo with an LED "headlight," which is super-bright and will never need replacement!

Train-45™ Specifications

  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Cabinet Material: 7-Ply Birch
  • Covering: Tolex
  • Power tubes: 2 X EL-34/6CA7. (6V6s may be used for reduced power) Preamp tubes: 3 X 12AX7
  • Controls: 3-position brite switch brite/flat/dark. Gain, high, mid, low, presence.
  • Rear panel: IEC Detachable power cord, fuse holder, AC and Standby switches. 4, 8, 16-ohm outputs (one each)
  • Rated Power: 35 watts clean 45 watts peak with EL-34/6CA7s 6v6s provide approximately 22 watts of power
Fuchs® Audio Technology | Train Series
10th Anniversary Fuchs Amp | Limited Edition of 10 Only
Fuchs Audio Technology
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